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for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults.

The mission of SOAR TN is to empower intellectually and developmentally disabled adults to lead independent lives. Our mission is accomplished by supporting opportunities, activities and residence for those we serve. 

Our Mission

Staff that makes a difference.

Care and love that everyone deserves. 

All of our staff has years of care taking experience. We help our residents with daily living and much more! You can read about our staff and their credentials by clicking below.


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The first time our nephew was ever away from home was when his mother passed away.  He came to live with us for a few months and struggled.  We were fortunate to move him to a SOAR TN residence, where he is now thriving.  He has made friends with his housemates and grows close to his caretakers.  These friends are kind and patient and genuinely care.  He was so excited last year when he told us that he learned how to play basketball for the very first time and was actually sinking shots.  At Halloween the staff got him out on the dance floor and he had such a good time.  We've personalized his room over time with family photos and mementos and toys from his life.  We are grateful to Nikki and her staff for not just providing a roof over his head but for seeing to his special needs and giving him what he calls "his home."

Parent of one of our Residents

Special Moments with our Residents


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